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PROTOCOL Serving the needs of the Resident Pastor and guest Ministers by actively helping them with all activities that will enable them to carry out their ministration and function effectively. MEETERS & GREETERS Are on hand to give you a warm welcome to KICC THE CITY OF REFUGE. Are a friendly face to all the visitors and members coming to the service and they provide the first point of contact to everyone during church services and events. HOSPITALITY Provides all the refreshments, food and beverages required by guest Ministers during KICC THE CITY OF REFUGE’s events and are responsible for the hospitality of members and attendees during church programs. USHERS The Ushers are there to guide you to your seat, paying particular attention to the elderly and people with children or with special needs. They are also on hand to assist with any queries you may have about this service. TRAFFIC Ensures that the cars are parked near the KICC site are parked in an orderly fashion. They guide the flow of traffic, working to ensure members and visitors are able to leave the site as quickly as possible with minimal disruption. JANITORIAL AND SETUP & BREAKDOWN Both teams maintain high standards of cleanliness while setting up and removing ad-hoc facility requirements. PEACE KEEPERS Their primary function is to maintain the peace and order within the vicinity of the church. The Peace Keepers’ motto is to be alert, available and flexible at all times.
• Their expertise is in anticipating a potential incident during the service and to discreetly avert it before it becomes a distraction. • These stewards are on duty at all times. They wear distinctive uniform in order that they may be easily identified at all times; while they patrol the entire site to ensure that it is safe and secure. They work closely with, and support other departments to ensure that activities run smoothly. • Peace Keepers also operate as Fire Marshals and observe health and safety standards with the main auditorium and external areas. Their responsibilities include the execution of effective crowd control strategies during major events. • Peace Keepers are Public Relation Offices and aim to meet the needs of the congregation especially those who are visiting for the first time by creating a conducive, neighbourly and non- threatening atmosphere for congregates and the public. • They are always available to give information and assistance. They operate as a team and work towards making your visit a blessed and pleasant one by always presenting a positive image of the ministry.