PRAYER DEPARTMENT The prayer department aims for H.I.G.H, an acronym for Humility, Integrity, Grace and Honour; in the service of the Lord. Their focus is praying for the supernatural move of God in the lives of our members and in our services. FOLLOW UP New and existing members are followed up regularly via phone calls, counselling and visitation as the need arises. NEW MEMBERS MINISTRY The New Members Ministry welcomes all first time visitors with a special New Members Reception where you are given the opportunity to find out what is involved in becoming a member of KICC The City of Refuge. PASTORAL VISITATION This department provides pastoral care to members by visiting them. It offers on-going spiritual and emotional comfort and support to people in crisis, in need or to those who have not been able to come to church for a particular reason. All members are encouraged to inform the church if they know of anyone who has not attended church for a while, by leaving the person’s details with any of the leaders or calling the church office. CARING HEART FELLOWSHIP The Caring Heart Fellowship department facilitates closer fellowship opportunities as groups of up to 10 people meet together every Friday evening from 7pm - 8pm for Bible study, discussion and prayer. The Caring Heart Fellowship is intended to be a source of ministry to the community that creates an atmosphere for effective evangelism.

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