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KICC The City of Refuge presents: MARRIED, SINGLE & SPECIAL RELATIONSHIPS THE HONEY OR THE STING!! MAY 2017 …..and the two will become one flesh.' So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Mark 10:8 § Should a Christian use dating agents § How to recognize the perfect spouse § How to heal from the hurt of broken relationship § How to overcome the feeling of rejection § How to avoid emotional affairs § Scriptural solutions to marriage problems § Keys to making the marriage last § Why God hates divorce Your faith will not fail IJN Pastor Dele Oluyemi Resident Pastor KICC Manchester Free Admission Audio recording of each session available at the cost of £6 inc. postage KICC THE CITY OF REFUGE ‘WHERE DESTINIES ARE RESTORED’ VENUE: 2D Kingswood Road, Fallowfield. Manchester. M14 6SB PHONE: 01612485156 MOBILE: 07535679773 #MarriedSingleSpecialRelationships #PastorDeleOluyemi #KICCTheCityOfRefuge #WhereDestiniesAreRestored #May2017 #TheHoneyOrTheSting
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