CARING HEART FELLOWSHIP The Caring Heart Fellowship department facilitates closer fellowship opportunities as groups of up to 10 people meet together every Friday evening from 7pm - 8pm for Bible study, discussion and prayer. The Caring Heart Fellowship is intended to be a source of ministry to the community that creates an atmosphere for effective evangelism. Click the links below to Download Resources for CHF

CHF Material for 23rd March 2017

CHF 20th May 2016

CHF 18th Mar 2016

CHF 13th May 2016

CHF 11th Mar 2016

CHF 9th Sept 2016

CHF 6th May 2016

CHF 4th Mar 2016

CHF 2nd Sept 2016

CHF 22nd April 2016

CHF 19th Feb 2016

CHF 22th July 2016

CHF 15th April 2016

CHF 12th Feb 2016

CHF 15th July 2016

CHF 8th April 2016

CHF 5th Feb 2016

CHF 8th July 2016

CHF 1st April 2016

CHF 22nd Jan 2016

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